Returning to Lemuria
A special evening with Kryon, Lee Carroll and his friends

Fancy to experience the loving energies of Kryon? Are you drawn to the Lemurian energy? Come and join us in a short, but intense event of Lemurian consciousness, with Lee Carroll and his friends!

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The Danube Journey of Wisdom
a special boat trip to Visegrád with Kryon, Lee Carroll&friends

In 2018 Kryon revealed that the Danube River was one of many ley lines that intersects with Dobogókő – a permanent portal created by Ancient Shamans. This portal is transmitting the energy of love and compassion throughout Eastern Europe and creating a new history. Using the catalytic energy of 2019 Lee Carroll and Kryon will take us on a journey of multidimensional wisdom along this ancient ley line.

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“The Music Of Home”
Live concert with singer/sound-channel Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu

Something within us remembers this sound. It’s a feeling…, it’s a space…, it’s Who we really are. Anders’ music is deeply moving and immediately touches our essence. The very sound of his voice connects us to a timeless origin we all share. It takes you Home.

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