The Danube Journey of Wisdom – a special boat trip to Visegrád with Kryon, Lee Carroll&friends

In 2018 Kryon revealed that the Danube River was one of many ley lines that intersects with Dobogókő – a permanent portal created by Ancient Shamans. This portal is transmitting the energy of love and compassion throughout Eastern Europe and creating a new history. Using the catalytic energy of 2019 Lee Carroll and Kryon will take us on a journey of multidimensional wisdom along this ancient ley line. During our journey we also visit a very special energetic spot in the Carpathian Basin, the former royal town of Visegrád, surrounded by the sacred hills of Pilis and the beautiful blue Danube. Together with Lee’s partner, Monika Muranyi, and international singer Anders Holte, we will connect with Gaia, create sacred sounds, and receive the messages of Kryon. Come and join us on the ancient path of wisdom in Hungary.

On the boat we can enjoy uplifting lectures of Lee Carroll, messages of Kryon and music of Anders Holte.

Arrival at Visegrád Mahart Port: 1.30 PM

Lunch (optional): 2–course menu (soup and main course) is available upon request in Palotaház Restaurant. (750 m from port). During ticket purchase you will be invited to select the menu (with wild animal meat: 9.00 EUR or vegetarian: 8.00 EUR, the ticket price does not include menu price).

Near the restaurant there are craftsmen’s shops, pastry shops, cafés, gelaterias.

After lunch we discover the famous Royal Palace of King Matthias, which is known to be one of the most amazing example of the European renaissance and gothic architecture, used as a royal residence of the great medieval Hungarian kings. In the palace there is a museum dedicated to King Matthias, with a range of precious medieval artifacts and relics, including the gorgeous Herkules fountain. In the museum we spend cca. 45-60 minutes, listening to the angelic sounds of Anders Holte and a Kryon-chanelling by Lee Carroll.

Leave for Budapest: 4. 30 PM

On the boat back to Budapest tones and sounds of Anders Holte, lecture by Lee Carroll and Kryon-chanelling.

Arrival at Budapest Port around 6. 45 PM

Ticket price also contains free and unlimited water and fruit consumption during the boat trip, plus entry ticket for Matthias King Museum. Lunch in Palotaház restaurant is optional and has to be paid upon request during ticket purchasing process through our website.


29. September 2019. Sunday 10 AM–6.45 PM
Boarding from 9.00 AM

Departure 10.00AM

Ticket price: 95EUR


Batthany Tér 2 MahartPassNave Boat station Lower Wharf
1011 Budapest Batthany tér 2 Lower Wharf


From the exit of the Batthany tér Metro Line #2 walk towards the Danube and you will see the MahartPassNave Boat station.